Innaugural Ball.

Well. This is my first post. I can’t help but feel like this is livejournal or blurty but for grown ups.


Either way, I need an outlet, and maybe someone or two will even read this…and maybe one of those people will be knowledgeable enough about the subjects I’m whining about to engage me in discussion. And MAYYYYBE (here’s the stretch) they wont all be devil’s advocate assholes who just want to argue with people because they’re on the internet and it’s easier to that way.


Tomorrow is an important day. My friend, Sebastian invited me to the Yale Peabody Museum with him, to help him document certain fossils (sauropods and theropods) for his doctoral thesis. This will be my third time accompanying him, and I notice that this time I’m not anxious. Maybe I will be tomorrow. Maybe it’s even why I’ve only slept 11 hours since Sunday night. But in any event, I’m eager, but not anxious in the anxiety-ridden sense.

I helped him document an undescribed fossil for his master’s thesis. He had already published it, but wasn’t satisfied with the photographs. I ended up redoing all of the photos for him, and helping him with angles and layout and all that good stuff. As a result, my name is going on the paper giving me credit for my photography.

The first time was early in his graduate studies, to examine a fossil classified in the 19th century as labrosaurus, many specimens of which were later found to be allosaurus. I helped him in the examination, and it was ultimately my observation that helped him make his final decision. I’ll get more into that later.

We’ve also spent probably more than 100 hours identifying theropod footprints around the Connecticut River Valley, and I am co author on several papers with him. One is a pretty important find.

Tomorrow is a big deal, because I am on the cusp of starting relevant courses in my undergrad. I’ve been at a community college for about 2 years now, and am starting at Rhode Island College in the fall. I was accepted into the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society last year, and because of that I’m eligible for a lot of fancy scholarships.

This experience will give me a huge boost when it comes to scholarship or graduate applications. That’s been dawning on me lately as I get in a better financial situation, and can start focusing on my life post factory.


More to come later…time for dinner and math lab.


About Pedal Powered Anthropology

I have a degree in anthropology from Rhode Island College. My focus was in biological anthropology but I also have a broad interest in cultural anthropology, archaeology and linguistic anthropology. This blog is intended to be for the development of my own positions and ideas, mostly regarding paleoanthropology and paleontology in general, with a heaping helping of evolution on top...but also includes bits about a lot of different aspects of culture, primarily race, gender, privilege, the environment and my own personal relationship with anxiety.

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