*In the Event You Are a Student Looking to Cite this Blog*

I don’t include references. I do sometimes, when I find it necessary. And I’ve mentioned this elsewhere.

That’s for a few reasons.

First, I expect a good majority of the people who come here to have an idea about my background, either because they know me or they have a similar background. As such, I kind of expect the typical reader of my blog to be able to follow along without much difficulty.

Second, I try and write for a general audience. I attempt to break down concepts without dumbing them down, so that a layperson can get the gist of a complicated aspect of my research or field without having to go to school for several years to feel like they know what’s going on.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, this blog should not be cited.

Yes, everything is legitimate. I write primarily from my own experiences on a broad array of topics within anthropology. I attempt to contextualize the topics within cultural and evolutionary perspectives and explain why that’s the case, as well as offer my own opinions on things.

While my opinions are valid, and while I don’t discuss anything here that I would not discuss were I teaching a course related to any of these posts…they are still my opinions.

So, you should not cite this blog in your paper!!!!!

Why? Well, because this isn’t published. It isn’t reviewed. While non of it is complete bullshit, I wouldn’t take well to finding this blog as a source on a paper a student handed in to me.

If you are interested in a topic discussed here, or you are wondering what sources I drew from, message me or comment and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction, either sending you papers or links or whatever.

But unless your professor specifically says something like, “academically oriented blogs and web sources are sufficient,” I wouldn’t go citing this.


Basically, my opinion is my opinion. Scholarly articles give data and specifics and withhold judgement and opinion until the discussion section.

Here, you’re essentially only getting the discussion. I could be full of shit. I know I’m not. But you don’t. And that’s the root of science. You need the data. This isn’t data. It’s based on plenty of it. But I’m not including that because to reference this blog is to be feeding very thoroughly researched and often strong opinions directly to you. And that’s not cool.

Also, all of the stuff I talk about has some pretty easy to find articles if you take the time to do so!


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